🌊 Many civilizations were destroyed or vanished at the end of the world due to war. The ambition to dominate blinds those who desire power. Because of that, people also lost faith and worship with the gods. 🌞
🪐 The gods became angrier at people's ingratitude and began to spread plagues and natural disasters to punish those who violated the majesty of Olympus. Humans desire to live, but they must fight for survival. 🌪
⚡️ The heroes of demigod blood (half-human, half-god) are the pioneers in the battle against the Olympians. Free the ancient giants from the shackles of the depths of the underworld, seize the god stones that hold the power of nature from the primordial gods who created the world, and more. People step by step, realized their ambition to overthrow the unchanging dominion of the Olympians. 🔥
🌞 The gods must gather together to prepare for the final battle, or Olympus will fall. God's history will be altered, or humanity will enter a period known as "new humanity." The era has begun! 🔥